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Multiple Sclerosis Programs

S Tai Chi:

  • Mondays – 3pm-4pm
  • Price: Free through a grant with the MS Foundation.
  • Paperwork required in advance.

Small Group Training:

  • Wednesdays – 1pm-2pm
  • Price: Members $40/Month, Non-Members $55/month

Reformer Pilates:

  • Fridays – 12pm-1pm or 1pm-2pm
  • Price: Members $15/Month, Non-members $35/month
  • Class is 4 times per month and limited to 5 people/class.

We also offer our MS-specific 12-week Chronic Disease Management program one time per year. Contact Cassie Goodman, head of the Medical Exercise department, for more information: or 775-770-7874.

For more information on support and services offered through the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation for those managing multiple sclerosis, please click HERE.

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