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In 2017, baby girl Ihuoma, also known as Olive, was born to MOM OGBONNE AND BABY OLIVE NICUOgbonne and Christopher in our Family Life Center. Mom and Dad were overjoyed. Olive was beautiful, much-anticipated, and immediately loved. However, Christopher and Ogbonne were also worried. Little Olive needed extra medical support and required the specialized services of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Understandably anxious, they remember how their spirits lifted as they interacted with Olive’s NICU team and watched the doctors, nurses, and therapists devotedly at work by their baby’s side.

“It was an emotional roller coaster for my family at the time,” said Christopher, “but the staff’s encouragement and show of professionalism reassured us that all would be well.”

With the NICU team’s medical attention and Mom and Dad’s presence and engagement in their newborn’s care, Olive grew in strength and health, and in 10 days’ time, she was well enough to go home.

Five years have since passed and throughout this period, Ogbonne and Christopher have never forgotten St. Francis. Christopher said, “We appreciate both staff and management of the hospital for all the care and support that was accorded us all through our stay.”

Christopher and Ogbonne believe the care and resources we provided put them on the path to the life they are enjoying as a family today. To express their appreciation, they recently made a donation to the Prime Healthcare Foundation to support the mission of our hospital and health system.

Speaking for his family, Christopher said that this donation “makes our joy full.” OLIVE 5 YR BIRTHDAY 2Along with the donation, he shared these happy family photos featuring him with Ogbonne, Olive, and their first daughter Amarachi, who was also born at St. Francis. In addition, he included birthday celebration photos from Olive’s first few days to her flourishing five years.

Thank you, Christopher and Ogbonne, for your kind and generous donation, your recognition of our healthcare team, and the greatest gift of all – seeing you thrive! It is with grateful hearts that we care for you and our community.